“Going through vet school and being exposed to the realities of the racing greyhound industry and the amount of greyhounds that get put down each year was traumatic. For this decision to have taken place is amazing and I hope it ends up going through. Greyhounds are such lovely natured dogs and deserve to have a proper loving home as opposed to be bred for the sake of racing”

The impending shooting of a female greyhound in 2001 in Paterson NSW by her owner/trainer catapulted me into the murky world of greyhound rescue. I was able to save Mollie, who lived to the ripe old age of 14 as a happy, normal household dog. Her owner told me that they were going to shoot her, as if that was the logical course of action! I was horrified but I quickly realised that this was a regular fate for racing greyhounds.  Since this time, I have witnessed cruelty, neglect and the worst of human nature committed on this gentle breed.  The capacity of greyhounds for forgiveness and love never ceases to amaze me. I look forward to a future where there is no greyhound racing in Australia.

I support the ban and hope it becomes nation wide. This cruel waste of animal life for human entertainment does not belong in 2016!

It is simply not acceptable for an industry in 2016 to be operating in such conditions where animals suffer at the hands of entertainment. We should be looking to rehome these beautiful creatures and not twiddling our thumbs wanting a foul industry back in business.

This industry has shown a clear, long term, inability to be trusted or capable to reform its abhorrent, cruel, unnecessary practices. It cannot be commercially viable AND have acceptable animal welfare standards for the dogs it involves. Welfare should always trump commercial interest. It must end.

Having grown up in the greyhound industry, I witnessed firsthand the ‘blooding’, inhumane backyard euthanasia’s, wastage, and cruel practices of this industry. Although I am deeply saddened for those participants who genuinely love their dogs, their sport, and have done the right thing – the majority of participants engage in and defend these practices, and have been openly hostile to reform. I support a national shutdown of greyhound racing in Australia.

As a vet who has had 30 years of clinical  experience, and dealt with greyhound trainers and trackwork in the UK and Australia, I cannot welcome this ban enough. This is not a ‘sport’.

I support the ban on greyhound racing in NSW and believe this ban should be expanded to include the entire country.

As will likely be the case for the majority of signatories, my first exposure to the greyhound industry was via the ‘surplus’ dogs who found their way to a dissection room table, and later, work with the dogs housed in the university blood bank. This began an interest in the issues surrounding, and ultimately, a strong passion for, the most placid, gentle creature it is my pleasure to work with.
In my volunteer role with an independent greyhound rehoming charity, dogs surrendered with both physical and behavioural neglect including painful untreated injuries are commonplace. The consistent regulatory failures and deceptions of the industry, culminating in the revelation of live baiting in 2015 and the associated public exposure of these issues, have allowed these and many more animals to suffer.
Even addressing the ‘wastage’ issue alone, greyhound racing is an industry that is ethically irredeemable. The closure of the racing industry will ultimately prevent poor welfare and death for countless dogs in years to come.

I support the ban on greyhound racing and hope other states will follow suit in this bold and positive move in animal welfare.

The animal cruelty shown towards some greyhounds and other animals used for live baiting is simply unacceptable. Banning greyhound racing in NSW will definitely help to reduce this from occurring.

As vets, we are charged with the responsibility to support the community to care for animals.Part of this duty includes upholding standards of animal welfare that are evidence based and consistent with our values and ethics. Overwhelming evidence indicates that the greyhound racing industry in Australia involves institutionalized cruelty towards domestic animals and wildlife, that is not consistent with our values or ethics.Thus we support the NSW ban on greyhound racing and a coordinated plan to rehome the dogs.

As a veterinary student, we see first hand the wastage of the greyhound racing industry in the form of greyhound after greyhound being given to us as “dissection tools”. Most of these greyhounds are young to middle aged. And we see so many greyhounds being used for various research projects before being euthanized. A lot of the greyhounds that arrive at the university kennels are initially unsure of how to act around humans, and you can only guess what their life was like in the racing industry before they arrived at the university kennels. With 17,000 greyhounds being euthanized each year as wastage there is no solution except to shut down the outdated inhumane industry. Each of those 17,000 greyhounds was an individual, each deserved much more than the short life and early death they were given. Greyhounds are such lovely dogs, and deserve so much better. That is why I support the NSW ban.

Greyhound racing is one of those things we will look back on and wonder how we could have been so cruel. Let’s aim to see that day come sooner rather than later for the sake of the dogs who have to live (and die) through the process. I hope we can get all vets to sign this (it will simply be a matter of getting the link out as I don’t know a single vet who supports this industry).

This is such a wonderful breakthrough and is such a great thing for the greyhounds. GO NSW! 🙂

This cruel and corrupt industry should be banned throughout Australia.

Welfare of animals is one of the most important aspects of the veterinary profession

Sadly the industry has shown itself unable to respond to the requirement that it abides by the most basic of welfare requirements.

The fact that GRV can’t even give an indication of how many greyhounds are currently in NSW tells us how inherently broken the system is. The inquiry shows us the extent to which GRV is apathetic, sometimes purposefully cruel, and otherwise out of touch with welfare standards. I can foresee no legislation or reform that could resolve the issues in greyhound racing.

Slaughter of thousands of healthy dogs and practises of  live baiting are against the animal welfare standards that we normally strive for in Australia.

NSW is leading the way when it comes to the welfare of greyhounds. There is no choice but to ban this industry due to the inherent cruelty and unethicial attitiude of many of those involved in this ‘sport’.

I support the ban on racing of greyhounds in all Australian states. Cruelty carried out on greyhounds and the animals as ‘live bait’ is unethical, disturbing, upsetting and intolerable. It is time these practices are banned and relating legislation and regulations reviewed.

I was required to kill slow greyhounds when I was working in general practice. Healthy, happy, young dogs. It was heart wrenching, and still is. One day I said “no”. It was hard, and led to conflict, but it was the right thing to do. No vet should be asked to kill a healthy dog for no good reason. It’s simply wrong. And no industry that wastes the lives of so many dogs should be allowed to continue.

This appalling sport must be banned. Racing any animal for humans to bet on is inhumane. Live baiting to train greyhounds is an atrocity. All animal lovers should back this ban.  “The more defenceless a creature, the more deserving it is of protection by man from the cruelty of man”. Mahatma Gandhi.

Sentient has contributed to so many public submissions regarding the welfare of dogs in the greyhound racing industry and until now, the outcome has always been the same; intentions of incremental improvements in some areas, yet the ongoing exposes of horrific and systemic abuse continue to roll out. We are not surprised by the evidence given in the McHugh report and congratulate the veterinarians and others who had the courage to speak out. Sentient totally supports the Premier’s decision to ban greyhound racing in NSW and we encourage parliamentarians to also support this ban. It is not based on the McHugh report alone; this report comprehensively outlines the extent of cruelty in this industry and its ongoing failures to redeem itself when offered chance after chance – these are the reasons the ban must come into place. We believe the only ethical course of action is to shut down greyhound racing and work together towards a smooth transition with the most humane outcomes for the dogs involved. This industry has definitely lost its social license and we do not see how this could be redeemed after decades of cruelty and corruption that lie beyond the reach of our regulatory frameworks.

One of the best and smartest social and political moves to ever be made. Protect current and all future generations of this noble breed from exploitation and abuse by banning greyhound racing and shutting down this industry for good.

I applaud the move by NSW governments proposal to ban greyhound racing. The cruel use of animals for entertainment and gambling sports can not be condoned in our modern and educated society. The government’s historic action to eliminate this outdated and harmful practice will be held up as an example for other states to follow. Well done.

I support the Baird Government’s decision to ban greyhound racing in NSW. I do however recognise that these issues are not always simple; they are usually prisms in which our country’s policy makers must navigate. I will share a few thoughts on my suggestions for the proposed changes.
Greyhound racing most definitely should be banned. I believe any welfare issue should be judged based on the 5 freedoms. Even though the racing itself is not an abuse, the conditions in which these animals are housed (e.g: Food and water available etc…), the discarding of unwanted pups and live baiting are most certainly an abuse. Albeit this does not occur with all racing owners, this does not excuse the mistreatment of animals for entertainment purposes.
I also believe that not only the animal’s welfare should be considered but also the humans. Banning an entire industry should never be taken lightly, so I would propose to the premier a few conditions of the ban:
1) The ban should be in effect in 2 years; not next year as proposed. Hopefully this will give the industry enough time to re-home as many greyhounds as possible.
2) The government should fund/support advertisements encouraging the adoption of Greyhounds. Unfortunately there are many misnomer’s and pre-conceived ideas about greyhounds that are false. To educate the public about the value of Greyhounds as a pet is critical.
3) The Government should financially compensate licensed greyhound trainers as best as possible.
4) If possible, the Government should provide some financial support to animal shelters.
Now i’m no economist, and I know that this would require substantial Government money, which is why this ban shouldn’t be taken lightly. However I do believe that these conditions are important to ensure the best outcome is achieved for both the animals and people in the industry.

Animals shouldn’t suffer for the enjoyment or financial gain of humans.

There are only a few countries where greyhound racing is still legal. Australia should follow the rest of the world.

This sport needs to be passed to the history books now… I support the ban on Greyhound Racing in NSW and urge the other states to follow.

The main argument against this law is that a lot of ‘good’ people will lose their jobs. This is a very short sighted statement. Clearly, the term ‘good’ here is not in relation to their behaviour and view towards animals but rather how they act towards other humans beings. How good you are as a father, husband or friend is completely irrelevant. This law is about the dogs and their psychological and physical well being. If someone was to ‘lawfully’ en-cage and train your children under extraneous circumstances against their ‘enjoyment’, on a daily basis for several years at a stretch, would you consider that person an upstanding individual with good ethics? Our society is still very much outdated in our ability to acknowledge the existence and right to live of other species. From a long term perspective, technologically we have advanced, but morally we have gone backwards. This law is a very small step in the right direction and hopefully will open a can of worms that will help the cause of these hopeless animals.
Whenever slavery is abolished, the masters always cried, a similar situation perhaps?

This is an industry based on cruelty blindsided by profit which has repeatedly shown no desire for reform even in the face of this ban. I hope that the public can remain well informed and that we can improve the welfare of these animals.

I support the ban. As the owner of two wonderful greyhounds deemed as “wastage” from this industry, I believe there must be a definitive end to their suffering.

I support the ban.

I support this ban and hope that the other states in Australia follow this long overdue progression.

I am in support of the decision to end greyhound racing, acknowledging the cost and difficulty that this will cause many involved in the industry. However I see no easy or simple answers in cases such as these and the animal suffering incurred despite attempts to ameliorate it unacceptable. Let us support those disadvantaged by this change to move on to a brighter future for all concerned.

Greyhound racing MUST be banned.

Whilst my sympathies lie with the many individuals and families affected by this ban, I feel that it is a big step forward in animal welfare. I support the ban.

The first animal I ever saw euthanised at vet school was a beautiful, healthy, 4 year old racing greyhound bitch called “Jewel”. She was surrendered for blood collection and then euthanasia because her owner said she was too slow. Even all these years later, I feel intensely sad about Jewel’s death. She was calm and gentle and sweet natured that the breed is renowned for. Greyhounds should not be thrown away like trash, due to the overbreeding that is so prevalent in the racing industry. I support the ban and hope New Zealand follows suit soon.

I strongly support the total ban of greyhound racing in NSW and advocate extension of this prohibition nation wide

I wish to support the NSW government’s ban of greyhound racing from July 1st 2017 Considerable evidence was assessed by the Special Commission of Enquiry. There was one major recommendation, “Recommendation 1” and that was “the Parliament of New South Wales should consider whether the industry has lost its social licence and should no longer be permitted to operate in NSW”. If Recommendation 1 was not followed, the report made 79 other recommendations that would have to occur but the report made it clear that even if these 79 recommendations were followed, live baiting would almost certainly continue. Greyhound racing has been banned in many countries due to animal welfare concerns.
The government should be congratulated for following the major recommendation of their enquiry. The courageous and principled veterinarians who provided evidence because they cared about animal welfare should be gratefully acknowledged.

I support the ban on Greyhound Racing in NSW. The evidence proves without a doubt the animal cruelty inherent in the industry to Greyhounds and the animals used as live baits.
I have been concerned for decades, about the mistreatment of dogs, and the number of dogs killed as “wastage” by the industry.
I believe the Greyhound Industry is beyond redemption, and I believe the ban is long overdue.

I support a ban on greyhound racing. There is overwhelming evidence exposing greyhound racing as a corrupt and cruel industry. Let this ancient and magnificent breed enjoy companionship and quality of life and end outdated, inefficient and cruel training methods.

Greyhound racing has proven to be unethical, the only option is to put a close to the industry.

it is hypocritical for people in this country to enjoy the priviledges of a first world country and espouse superior moral progress
Yet, we support practices that are clearly cruel and we mock 3rd world countries that have little or no animal welfare laws
We are no different .
Cruelty knows no bounds , but it can be conquered, for kindness transcends all boundaries.

As a profession, our commercial conflicts and intellectual self deceit must be acknowledged. We must speak to these changes in public opinion. Remaining mute, and relying on lay advocates to lead, implies tacit consent, perpetuates abusive cultural practices, and undermines our credibility and relevance. Our professional associations must speak to these issues rather than just reflexive silence, that is so last century.

I support a total ban on greyhound racing.
I have been a veterinarian in private practice for 30 years, and see nothing in greyhound racing that qualifies as sport or a genuine contest.
It is simply a vehicle for gambling.

The continued breaches in animal welfare in this barbaric industry can no longer be tolerated in any State or Territory of Australia, or the world for that matter – the Greyhound Racing Industry needs to be shut down….for good.

I totally support the ban and we should do the same in Queensland and the rest of Australia.

Greyhounds are living beings who feel pain and emotion exactly as we do. The abuse and treatment they suffer surely puts them in a victims of crime category

I support the ban and hope that it moves forward to encompass the entire nation in the near future. I feel that more awareness needs to be spread regarding the etiquette behind the “sport” of greyhound racing, and that in doing so, the general public will come together to rescue the individuals who will be freed from such things once the ban is legislated. I also hope that the government will be prepared to provide enough facilities to promote greyhound drives and adoption programs, in addition to our already overflowing shelters. As someone who has participated in ‘Greenhounds’ testing, I can honestly say that this breed can do and tolerate things that no other breed can.

As a veterinarian in training and dog lover, I have thoroughly evaluated the ethic of the greyhound racing industry and find them to be fundamentally wrong and cruel. Dogs have evolved with humans over the past several thousand years to be companion animals, not to be driven to chase and smaller animals. The training methods used by the industry breeds behaviour that makes the retired racers difficult to re-home. By banning greyhound racing, NSW has stepped up as a positive example and leader to other states.

Welcomes a ban in all states.

Fantastic step forward, well overdue.

The industry seems impossible to adequately regulate and there is too much “waste”.

Has been long overdue
Vets are not euthanising nearly as many dogs that are killed yearly. How are they being killed?

I support the ban on greyhound racing. We cannot support an industry where many people involved have so long condoned such cruelty to animals and a complete disregard for animal welfare.
Greyhounds and other animals used for this “sport” deserve so much better!

I have read the entire McHugh report and I have grave concerns about the welfare of animals, as well as concerns about governance of this sport. As a veterinarian I cannot condone the continuation of this industry. In particular my concerns are based on very high rates of dog “wastage”, the practice of live-baiting, side-lining of veterinarians and discouragement of those who keep proper records, high rates of injuries and the systemic practice until recently of covering these up, the use of so-called muscle-men to treat dogs using painful and unproven methods, very poor socialisation of dogs, poor rehoming rates, major conflicts of interests of many persons within GRNSW, extremely poor governance and – recently – the vilification of veterinarians who have spoken out about welfare practices.

No animal should die for human entertainment.

No animal should die for human entertainment.

I have worked with greyhounds as a veterinarian and seen the industry up close. There is no doubt in my mind that this industry cannot be conducted without animal cruelty. Therefore I think it needs to be banned in Australia.

Best decision Mike Baird has made. The industry has shown it cannot be trusted to regulate itself. This has been going on for longer than I have been a vet – 25 years.

I support a ban on greyhound racing because I don’t believe the industry will perform without cruelty despite any attempts to clean up the industry. By cruelty I refer to live baiting and in culling dogs that are too slow.

The ‘sport’ uniquely combines a human and an animal addiction: gambling and blood-lust. It is not a sport or an industry but a pathway to human misery and animal cruelty. We are better off as a society without it. I strongly support the ban and congratulate the Premier on taking this stand in the interests of NSW society.

I worked in a clinic that saw 50% racing dogs for a year, and it nearly broke me. I found the callousness of the industry, starting my day regularly by killing 15 dogs because “we need cages for today’s hospital patients” was soul destroying.  This experience undoubtedly contributed to my decision to leave veterinary practice entirely over the next decade.

Because it is time for vets to walk the talk…

Unfortunately there are a large number of people in the greyhound racing industry that will never change. What has been  revealed is unbelievably disgraceful.  Like live export, this industry is unfixable and the only option is to shut it down permanently.

Time to end this barbaric sport. This ban should be extended into all Australian states.

I support a ban on greyhound racing as it is demonstrably inhumane and causes thousands of preventable deaths. The greyhounds are used as disposable property, and it is not possible to ensure their welfare needs are met when they are bred in such high numbers for profit.

I support the ban in the interests of animal welfare and to prevent the widespread euthanasia of young healthy dogs.

The Greyhound Industry is a classic example of animals being used as a means to an end, rather than as ends in themselves. It is time that this instrumental use is abolished.

The high euthanasia rate for sub-optimal performance in this industry is highly distressing to many veterinarians.

I support the ban in the interests of animal welfare and to prevent the widespread euthanasia of young healthy dogs.

Thank you, all of you for taking a stand against the heartless commodfication of innocent living creatures. I have had the privilege of working with many Vets in training here in the US and I cannot imagine how anyone who has devoted his or her life to helping animals could condone an industry that exploits, then discards dogs as if they were yesterday’s newspaper.
I am a Board member of Grey2KUSA Worldwide, an organization that fights to save these marvelous creatures all over the globe. (you can learn more about us here: http://www.grey2kusa.org/index.php I have fostered and adopted rescued racing greyhounds since 1995. I cannot imagine abandoning any of them when they become injured, old or sick and yet this is routinely what happens to them at operating tracks. Your letter, I hope marks a major step away from that.
Fred Barton Board Member Grey2K USA Worldwide

I support the ban – greyhounds deserve the same rights as all other dogs (& animals in general). The industry in general has been proven time and again to be inhumane and not in the dogs’ best interests.